The lighter side of law enforcement: comics for cops and weird news about stupid criminals.

This book is a tribute to all the hard working men and women in law enforcement who risk their lives every day for an often less than grateful public.

The cartoons capture the human side of police officers, and find humor in the often very stressful situations they deal with.

As George Bernard Shaw said: “Life does not cease to be funny when someone dies, anymore than it ceases to be serious when someone laughs.”

“Policing is a serious job, and at some point you’ve got to lighten up. If you’re serious all the time, you’ll go crazy in this job. Cops love humor.”

-Darlene Hutchingson-Hunter, editor of The Police Marksman

“The great salve for the soul, humor has always been used by cops as a counterweight to the high-stress demands and seriousness of the job.”

-Dennis Hall, editor of Police magazine

“In the rigid and structured world of law enforcement, it’s refreshing to see illustrations that capture the human side of police officers while making us smile. Gaspirtz’ cartoons are always objects of joy and entertainment around the office.”

-Cisco Mendoza, art director of Texas Highway Patrol magazine

“Gaspirtz’s cartoons are very humorous and down to earth. They reflect the real life of police officers and what they have to face every day, but in a funny, stress-relieving way.”

-David J. Armitage, editor of The Police Shield

“California Highway Patrol officers always take their duties seriously, but Gaspirtz’s cartoons allow them the room to take themselves a little lighter.”

-Carol Perri, editor of The California Highway Patrolman