Anthropause 2020
The year when humans shut down the planet.

Lockdown in Los Angeles

The photos you're about to see were taken during the coronavirus lockdown of 2020.

What makes these images so unusual is how devoid of people they are.

We Angelinos have never seen our city so empty.

Los Angeles is one of the busiest cities in the world. A human ant hill. Crawling. Teeming with life.

These photos were taken at busy places and on always crowded streets, that are suddenly deserted.

It's an unprecedented moment in human history.

For a brief moment, we were frozen in time. Human activity around the globe came to a grinding halt, while the world held its breath in fear.

We all together shared a pivotal moment in human history: a moment that will be remembered for centuries, for its silence.

It was the calm before the storm.